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In Loving Memory


Molly Anne Bish 

"Molly was our Anne Frank.

   You have to tell the story..."

                                                  Magi Bish



 This website was created to bring awareness of Molly's abduction and murder,to keep her in peoples minds and hearts and continue with the search for her abductor so that no other child, no other family will have to endure this immense sadness.  If you have any information regarding what happened the morning of June 27, 2000, who may have abducted her or recognize the man in the wanted drawings.






Dear Friends,

Thank you for coming to Molly's site to join Campaign Team Bish. Collectively, we may find that one missing piece of the puzzle of "Who Killed Molly Bish?"

You simply download the poster and hang it in your community. Perhaps, that one person will remember or be able to come forward with relative information that has been missing for the last 13 years.

You can also send this through your social media. Please call the State Police with any information at: 877-298-5155 

We cannot express how blessed we feel by your kindness and efforts to help our family.


Thank you for joining Team Bish!

Magi, John, Heather and John Jr.



To view or save the full size poster, click below



                                                                                                      "You can lose your keys,You can lose your glasses, 

But how in America do you lose your child?"

Magi Bish

       The "abduction" of Molly Bish took less than 8 minutes…

On the morning of June 27, 2000, Magi Bish drove her 16 year old daughter, Molly to her Life Guard post at a rural pond in Western Massachusetts. When swimmers arrived minutes later, the only traces of Molly were her water-bottle, sandals, a police radio and an opened first aid kit.

Molly was the victim of of an abduction and murder by a predator. 

 A nightmare like no other began…

Molly was Missing!  The disbelief that a 16 year old could go to work and be taken from her life guard post was daunting and a haunting experience for the Bish family and the small community of Warren.  They hung yellow ribbons and posters in hope of her return. Molly's case became the most extensive search in Massachusetts history.  Molly's story has been told on America's Most Wanted, 48 Hours, Court TV, Unsolved Mysteries, Larry King, Nancy Grace and untold National and local media.  After three long years, the search for Molly came to a heartbreaking end.  In June 2003,  26 of her bones were found scattered on the side of a mountain only five miles from her home. Molly was buried on her 20th Birthday. 

This year marks the ten year anniversary of  Molly's abduction.  We still do not know "who" or "why" Molly was taken from those she loved.

A Grand Jury was held, but no arrests have been made. 

The Molly Bish Foundation is dedicated to providing safety education, awareness and prevention of missing and exploited children. The Bish's have spoken locally and nationally to communities, schools, law enforcement and legislative leaders.  They have fought to improve legislation by working on the National and Massachusetts Amber Alerts Systems, along with the National Adam Walsh Act and the current passage of National DNA Database.The Bish's efforts and advocacy prove their continued committed to all children, so that they might live, work and play in a world that is safe.


"We will find... the person that harmed her. It's been a journey, a story of love and loss, but we are still hopeful and we want Molly to know we'll never give up." 

Molly's dad, John Bish Co-Founder
   Molly Bish Foundation & Life Guard Center

Pictured to left, Molly's father,John  stands along with mother of Molly, Magi Bish, and sister to Molly, Heather Bish at a news conference in 2003 following the discovery of Molly's remains.




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