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About The Foundation






After the disappearance of Molly, the small community of Warren struggled with the loss of innocence and the fear of evil.  The thought that an abductor could be living among them created the need to provide safety and awareness to the children and families in their community.  At a gathering around the Bish's kitchen table, the Bish family and friends began to plan the first "Safety Day."  The spirit of Molly's love gave the Bish's courage and a voice to bring safety awareness and prevention to all children especially the missing and exploited.  This began The Molly Bish Foundation and Life "Guard" Center.   At the first safety event, they provided over 1,400 free child ID kits to the children of Warren and West Brookfield.  Since that time, the Molly Bish Foundation has gone out to thousands of safety events and provided over 165,000 free digital pictures and fingerprints in the highly recognized blue and yellow "Molly Bish" Child Identification Booklets.

Magi and John's roles as activists grew.  They established the First Massachusetts Missing Children's Day, and have continued to honor those missing and the families missing them for the past 10 years.  They were instrumental in bringing the "Amber Alert" to Massachusetts They continue to serve on the National Amber Alert Committee and helped with the passage of the "National Amber Alert."  They have been aggressive in legislative movements locally and nationally. They assisted in the passage of the Joanne and Alyssa Bill, the Sexually Registry Act, and the Statue of Limitation of Sexual Crimes, along with the Crimes against Children Bill.  On the National level we have acted for the passage of the Child Protection Act and Adam Walsh Bill.   They are currently in support a National Sexually Registry Bill and DNA Database.

Both, Magi and John hold honorary Doctoral Degrees from Anna Maria College and have partnered in the development of the Molly Bish Center for Children and Elderly at Anna Maria College, as well as theMolly Bish Institute at Mount Wachusetts Community College.

Magi and John are members of TEAM Hope, serve on the Board of Radkids and are members ofMassachusetts Child Sexual Abduction Prevention Partnership. 

They work tirelessly speaking for NCMEC and the OJJDJ as Consultants at numerous conferences and training programs.  John has been a speaker at the National Missing Children's Day in Washington DC, US Dept. of Justice on Missing Children's –DNA Initiatives and Cold Case Training Seminars.  Magi and John were speakers at Child Abduction Response Training Programs.  They travel across America, with the hope that they empower everyone to work collectively in protecting our children.


Boston Celtic's Unsung Hero's AwardPassionate AwardRed Cross; Award of Heroism, Worcester Telegram and Gazette: Visions Award   

Radkids "Sam Secret Award", Magic Radio; Extraordinary Woman  Courage Award, Massachusetts Status of Woman  Unsung Hero, Knights of Columbus Lantern Award, and People Magazine Hero' Among Us Award.

 Letter from the founders:                                              

Dear Friends of the Molly Bish Foundation, 

In June 2007 John, Molly's father, had prostate cancer, a life threatening and life changing stroke as well as open heart surgery.  Our world changed and has evolved as we have had to...Since that time, as Co Chairperson I have tried to continue our commitment to the Molly Bish Foundation.  During the time of John's recuperation and recovery, we have been carried by the strong arms of our Program Coordinator,  Karen Jolin and Technology Director, John Orbzut, as with many wonderful volunteers. We have been able to continue to serve the families and children of Massachusetts and New England.  Giving up most every weekend, Karen, John and myself have led our volunteer staff across New England to provide free Molly Bish Child and Family Identification Programs.  Over the last ten years we've attended over 1,500 events to distribute 165,000 Molly Bish Foundation Identification Booklets.

It has been ten unbelievable years since Molly was taken from us.   From that desperate place, we began to muster the courage to fight a war we did not know existed!  We now know, that evil does exist and we have chosen not to succumb to it; despite our great loss and sadness.  We chose to fight with all of Molly's love. We've come a long way from the inception of the Molly Bish Foundation at our kitchen table.   In ten years we have answered every call, went whenever any one asked: to speak, to educate, to fight for legislation and have provided 165,000 free Molly Bish Child Identification booklets at thousands of Identification Programs.  We have traveled throughout Massachusetts and New England, from Boston to Washington DC we have advocated for children's safety and fought for better laws to protect them..

Like all things, change is a constant.  We are in the midst of reorganizing our Foundation.  In these last ten years, we have seen many good and committed people come to participate and assist in the many roles of the foundation.   We've also lost volunteers to good jobs, college and to begin their own families.  We have been blessed by all those who have come with their own unique gifts to volunteer for all our children and communities, with no pay, just the desire to change the world in some small way and to echo our motto: "If you save one life you save the world."  

John and I can not "thank you" enough. 

As in the past we welcome the  opportunity to speak with you and your communities in regard to safety and education. John and I still maintain our commitments to Massachusetts's Missing Children's Day, the National Amber Alert Committee in Washington DC, National Surviving Parents Coalition, Radkids Organization, and Surviving Parents of Connecticut. 

This June 26, we will honor Molly at the 10 year Anniversary, we are preparing a vigil to celebrate her life and loss.  We want every one to know Molly's perpetrator has never been found, and prosecuted!  We welcome all of you to share in this memorablnight.  7:00 Warren Town Common.  Please check for updates as the date gets closer. 

We thank you for your continued love and support..."If you save one life you save the world"       

Magi and John Bish   

The Molly Bish Foundation & Life "Guard" Center Inc.

P.O. Box 556, 766 South Street, W. Warren, MA 01092

Tel: 413.436.5529 - Fax: 413.436.5688 - email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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